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Sunset at the Chiemgauhof

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The Chiemgauhof in Übersee is one of the most beautiful places at the Chiemsee. In the second generation owned by the Imdahl family the Chiemgauhof combines a unique position right at the waterside of the „Feldwieser Bucht“ with an authentic Biergarten, an tasteful furnished restaurant (interesting paintings from local artists collected by Heinz Imdahl a former famous baritone) and a nice and small hotel including a private beach. The Chiemgauhofs  „Sundowner Bar“ is a splendid place to see the sunset, have a drink and listen to the music or jump into the water. Visitors will find an interesting crowd there, from the self-proclaimed „Schickeria“ to bikers and backpackers, tourists, bridal couples and people like you and me. The sons of Hanni and Heinz Imdahl, Christof and Martin, were founders of the famous Brand „Windsurfing Chiemsee“. Not only a good place to be, but also a symbol of entrepreneurial ability in our Sämischleder-Valley Bayernhochsechs





  1. […] / Kind 0,50 € ) Und auch sonst wird der Feldwieser Uferpromenade ordentlich was geboten. Mit dem Chiemgauhof und seiner Sundowner Bar für gepflegte Biergartenatmosphäre, dem Parker Outdoor Strand-Kiosk […]

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