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Mehr Süden

The no name region

nonameImagine a region blessed with a beautiful nature in combination with an extraordinary blend of companies of all sizes and industrial sectors. A region located in the south of Germany near to the borders of Austria and only an hour from Munich. A region mostly known for touristic sights, but unknown for its economical power. Still guessing? Somewhere in the fog of the so called “Metropolregion München” you will find the so called “Region 18”.

In a time when every lost village is spending a lot of power to be known for something (capitol of cheese, birthplace of Fritz or historical site of the battle against Drusus Bonus) the “Region 18” still keeps its spiritless name and is – for many good reasons – not known for anything. No wonder that companies in that area having a hard time finding qualified people to work in that region. By the way: the area is not small: 5.225 km² and more than 800.000 people live here (some call it Südostoberbayern), under the name of “Region 18”. “Hi my name is Herrmann, I live in the Region 18” – every catographer will be delighted, but the rest of the world just is not knowing, where that place might be or what it stands for.

We think a region of such an economical importance, with an extraordinary entrepreneurial history, many midsized hidden champions and some world leaders deserves more that just a “Region 18”. We aim for a clear positioning of our region, therefor our claim says: More companies. More South. More Living, all is connected with Bayernhochsechs, meaning Bavaria to the power of six. And the six in “6” are Altötting, Burghausen, Berchtesgadener Land, Rosenheim, Traunstein and the city of Rosenheim. Places offering different views, different companies and different history – but they will be more visible and powerful in the global game for markets and talents when seen as a whole and not as a jigsaw piece of places somewhere behind Munich.

Entrepreneurs of all counties unify!


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